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6 Reasons parents choose Click & Change

Join over 35,000 satisfied parents with MOKKI Sunglasses. These award-winning sunglasses are designed and tested in Norway.

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1. Dynamic Duo Protection

Our Dynamic Duo Protection makes safeguarding your child’s eyes simple. The Everyday lens handles UV rays and screen glare for daily play and study, while the Active lens steps up on bright, reflective days at the beach or snow. Perfect for busy parents—two protective options, one stylish solution.

A young girl enjoying her ice cream in the sun wearing sunglasses from Mokki

2. 18% Larger Lenses

Our sunglasses feature 18% larger, curved lenses designed not just for style but for superior protection. They wrap around to block UV rays from all angles, ensuring that sunlight doesn’t sneak in from the sides like it can with standard frames. This thoughtful design keeps your child’s eyes safer during those sunny playground days or family outings.

Girl is bending her green Click & Change sunglasses to show the flexibility of the frame

3. Unbreakable

Ultra-flexible frames with no small screws provides quality that can withstand absolutely all play.

  • Active and Everyday frames in the Click & Change system

    2x frames

    EVERYDAY are the frames for everyday use, while ACTIVE provides extra comfort and protection in highly reflective areas.

  • Temples, headband, neck strap and SideShields for the Click & Change system


    You can easily switch between HEADBANDS and TEMPLES, and add SIDE SHIELDS or NECK STRAP, for maximum comfort during all activities.

  • Microfiber cloth and pouch for Mokki Click & Change

    Pouch & cloth

    Included in the box is a practical cotton POUCH for safe-keeping, plus a cute MICROFIBRE CLOTH that turns lens cleaning into fun play.

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