Award-winning sunglasses for kids and baby

Eye protection for children with Mokki Click & Change

Designed in Norway, Inspired by Nature
Developed and designed in Norway by local experts, and tested to meet the harshest and most challenging weather conditions your child may be exposed to.
Internationally Acknowledged Excellence
Click & Change is the proud winner of 8 prestigious international design awards. Our successful design is sold in numerous countries across the globe.
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Modularity and Adaptability - Easily switch between different frames and accessories to suit every environment and activity with maximum eye protection
Every box contains:
  • Urban FlexiFrame fitted with BlueBlock Lenses
  • Outdoor FlexiFrame fitted with Polarized Lenses
  • SideShields offer maximum protection against direct and peripheral lateral sunlight
  • Hinge-free Bendable Temple Arms
  • Ultra-soft, wide and comfortable Stretchy Headband
  • Neck Strap easily secures the Temple Arms
  • SunnyBuddy Microfiber Cloths keeps the lens shiny and sparkly at all times
  • Protective Pouch with soft cotton lining.
Different Lenses, Complementing Properties
93% BlueBlock Filter, 100% UV-Block with Anti-Reflective Properties

We designed our Urban FlexiFrame specifically for the daily wellbeing of babies and toddlers.

Alongside the 100% UV block, our unique BlueBlock lenses offer additional protection that filter extra 93% of the harmful High Energy Visible Blue Light emitted from the sun.
Following the wavelengths of non-visible UltraViolet light, HEV Blue Light is especially harmful for the underdeveloped eyes of young children, and carries many undesired direct and indirect physical complications.

Polycarbonate Mirror Polarized Lenses, 100% UV-Block

We designed our Outdoor FlexiFrame to offer your child maximum visual comfort in any environment and weather condition.

Intense reflected glares enter the cornea from both the vertical and horizontal meridians, hence dramatically straining the eyes of young children and harming their vision clarity.
Our mirrored Polarized lenses completely eliminate indirect reflected light and protect your child’s eyes in conditions exceeding normal reflection values, such as near water sources, in snowy surroundings or near sandy dunes.

Material Technology at your Service
Click & Change is manufactured of the most advanced and child-friendly materials, contains no harmful chemicals or pigments, and is even safe for chewing. We use double-injected, highly-flexible and durable TR90 plastic to assure long lasting eyewear for children that will sustain even the most aggressive use and withstand the test of time. Our polycarbonate lenses are manufactured using the latest Japanese technology, which ensures the highest grade of optical clarity and ideal resistance to scratches and breaking. Our design is completely safe to use, it is hinge-free and free of metals.
0% BPA, 0% phthalates, 0% Harmful Chemicals and Pigments, 100% Safe to Use

Modern lifestyle of children involves an ever-growing usage of many types of digital screens, which inevitably results in accumulated over-exposure to artificially emitted High Energy Visible Blue Light.

HEV Blue Light has been scientifically associated with multiple physical and behavioural complications in children’s health, such as: repeated headaches, sleeplessness, sore red eyes, weight gain, lack of concentration and more.

Click & Change ScreenSafe offers ultimate protection for your child’s eyesight and general health by screening 99% of the HEV Blue Light emitted from digital screens. Additional anti-reflection lens coating provides unmatched clarity and promises enhanced visual comfort for elongated screen time use.

  • ScreenSafe / Ages 2-5

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*Det finnes ikke dårlig vær, bare dårlig eyewear

A well-established Norwegian axiom proclaims that the locals never succumb to the elements – we simply dress accordingly. This philosophy was the leading principle in the development and design of Click & Change – to create the ultimate eye-protective gear for children, for every weather condition, and every environment and activity.

Our endeavour has proven itself. Click & Change has won 8 prestigious international design awards, among which: the 2020 Red Dot Design Award for Baby and Children Brand, 2020 German Design Award, 2020 German Innovation Award, first-prize winner of the 2021 Japanese eyewear exhibition IOFT, an excellence in design award from the Chicago Athenaeum Design Museum and several more.

*There is no such thing as bad weather, only bad eyewear