Great protection
This is a new Norwegian-designed sunglasses concept that protects children's eyes in all situations, both indoors and outdoors!
Easy Click & Change between different glass and accessories has made Mokki Click & Change an award-winning concept for children's eye health.
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Click & Change is an award winning system for children's eye health, where everything is included in a box made of recycled PET1-material!
  • Interchangeable system between headband or temples
  • Unbreakable and flexible
  • Side-shields for ultimate sun cover
  • No uncomfortable grip on the nose
  • 1 frame with BlueBlock + UV400 for Urban environments
  • 1 frame with Polarized + UV400 for reflective Outdoor environments
  • All accessory included
Two types of glass with
different properties
UV400, BlueBlock with anti-reflective glass

The Mokki Click & Change Urban frames is fitted with BlueBlock lenses for protection against harmful blue light emmited in the everyday environment that surrounds us.

Research shows that children under the age of five may be at higher risk for blue light retinal damage than adults. The juvenile lens absorbs less short-wavelength light than the adult lens, allowing more blue light to reach a child’s retina.

Specs: UV400, BlueBlock coated

UV400, Polycarbonate-Polarized and Anti-Reflective Coated Glass.

The Mokki Click & Change Outdoor frames is fitted with Polarized lenses for activity in highly reflective environments such as water, sand and snow surfaces.

New research shows that Polarized lenses should only be worn by children under the age of five for comfort in reflective surroundings. Excessive use can be a disservice for the child’s retina.

Specs: UV400, Polarized coated

Safe materials
The sunglasses are manufactured in an ultra-flexible material (TR90, TPA & TPE) that can withstand harsh treatment given by kids. They can pull, chew or throw it without it breaking!
Simple “click & change”, ultimate sun protection and flexible frames for optimal comfort.

Children spend more and more time in front of the screen, and the blue light is harmful for the retina. This results in an increased load, which includes symptoms such as headaches, red eyes and blurred vision. For children under the age of five, the blue rays can also cause greater future problems.

Mokki ScreenSafe reduces blue light by 99% and decreases the load on the retina. The glasses are treated with an anti-reflective (AR) coating that eliminates light reflections on both sides of the glass. This is how we protect the children’s eyes!

Designed in Norway

In Norway, we are exposed to harmful UV rays throughout the year. The low midnight sun is present through the summer months and the snowy landscapes reflects sun throughout the winter. The Mokki Click & Change sunglasses system reduces the risk of retinal damage. Ultraviolet radiation is extremely dangerous, and it is mainly uva radiation and uvb radiation that we are most concerned about.

The Mokki Click & Change system is designed to protect our children in all situations and environments. That is why we have won several awards for both innovation and design for this product!