This is a new Norwegian-designed spectacle concept that protects children's eyes in all situations, both indoors and outdoors.


Mokki Click & Change is an award-winning concept for children's eye health. Easily click & change between different glasses and accessories.

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Click & Change is an award-winning system for children's eye health, where everything is included.

  • Urban FlexiFrame fitted with BlueBlock Lenses
  • Outdoor FlexiFrame fitted with Polarized Lenses
  • SideShields offer maximum protection against direct and peripheral lateral sunlight
  • Hinge-free Bendable Temple Arms
  • Ultra-soft, wide and comfortable Stretchy Headband
  • Neck Strap easily secures the Temple Arms
  • SunnyBuddy Microfiber Cloths keeps the lens shiny and sparkly at all times
  • Protective Pouch with soft cotton lining.

Two lenses with different properties

Urban Everyday

BlueBlock Polycarbonate with UV400 & Anti-Reflective

The Urban Everyday frames are the everyday sunglasses that also have BlueBlock protection that protects against both harmful blue light and UV-rays from the sun.

Children are often more outdoors than adults, and should therefore have high-quality sunglasses. Also, studies show that children under the age of five have a retina that has not yet been fully developed and which therefore absorbs more of the energy-rich blue light. That is why we recommend this frame for everyday use.

Active Outdoor

Polarized Polycarbonate Mirror Lenses with UV400

The Outdoor frames have polarized lenses that removes reflections, optimal in highly reflective areas such as water, sand and snow. This provides higher comfort when children are on the beach or skiing, while providing 100 % protection from harmful UV rays.

But recent research shows that children under the age of five should only wear polarized sunglasses occasionally. Excessive use can be a disservice to underdeveloped retinas. Therefore, we recommend this frame only for high-reflective areas.

Safe materials

Click & Change is manufactured of the most advanced and child-friendly materials, contains no harmful chemicals or pigments, and is even safe for chewing. We use highly-flexible and durable TR90 plastic to assure long lasting eyewear for children. Designed to be safe, hinge-free and free of metals.

0% BPA, 0% phthalates, 0% Harmful Chemicals and Pigments, 100% Safe to Use

Screen Safe

Children spend more and more time in front of screens. This results in an accumulated over-exposure to artificially emitted High Energy Visible Blue Light, which can lead to symptoms such as headaches, red eyes and even sleep disorders.

Click & Change ScreenSafe offers ultimate protection for your child’s eyes by removing 99% of the HEV Blue Light emitted from digital screens. Additional anti-reflection lens coating provides unmatched clarity and promises enhanced visual comfort for elongated screen time use.

Norwegian design

In Norway, we are exposed to harmful UV-rays all year round. The high sun in the summer makes us exposed around the clock, and in the winter the snow reflects the dangerous sun rays from several angles which increases the risk.

Click & Change is designed for precisely these conditions and protects our children in all situations and environments. That is why we have won several awards for both innovation and design.