ScreenSafe / Ages 2-5

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ScreenSafe Glasses, Fitted with Yellow BlueBlock Lenses. Ages 2-5

(Temple Arms sold separately)

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Mokki ScreenSafe for Ages 2-5

Click & Change ScreenSafe protects your child from harmful HEV Blue Light emitted from digital screens.

Modern lifestyle of children involves an ever-growing usage of many types of digital screens, which inevitably results in accumulated over-exposure to artificially emitted High Energy Visible Blue Light.
HEV Blue Light has been scientifically associated with multiple physical and behavioural complications in children’s health, such as: repeated headaches, sleeplessness, sore red eyes, weight gain, lack of concentration and more. Click & Change ScreenSafe offers ultimate protection for your child’s eyesight and general health by screening 99% of the HEV Blue Light emitted from digital screens. Additional anti-reflection lens coating provides unmatched clarity and promises enhanced visual comfort for elongated screen time use.

Please Note: Temple Arms not included with this item.
Click & Change Temple Arms are sold separately inside the Accessory Kit or Click & Change Sunglasses box.

  • Fitted with yellow BlueBlock Lenses
  • Filter 99% of the High Energy Visible (HEV) Blue Light
  • 100% Child Friendly - contains no hazardous chemicals or pigments
  • Free of screws and small parts
  • Ergonomically designed for children's natural facial curvature
  • Anti-Scratch Coating
  • Anti-Reflective Coating
  • Frame suitable for Rx lenses
  • CE & FDA certified
  • Opacity: Category 1
  • Unisex design