The best sun protection for small eyes

Two different lenses with 18% larger surface area, provides better sun protection against both direct and indirect sunlight.

Award-winning sunglasses for kids

The Click & Change system has won both the prestigious Reddot and German Innovation Awards.

Quality that can withstand a blow

Ultra-flexible frames with no small screws provides quality that can withstand absolutely all play.

  • Click & Change between different accessories

    Change between different lenses, temples, or headbands with a single click for different activities or environments. Choose the world's most versatile sunglasses for children. Available for both 0-2 years and 2-5 years.

Girl wearing mokki sunglasses for kids while skiing

Safe and robust materials

The sunglasses are designed to withstand all kinds of play, and maybe a chew every now and then. The sunglasses will simply never break because they are made of ultra-flexible materials (TPR and TPEE).

Everything you need in one package

  • Urban Everyday og Active Outdoor

    Urban are the spectacle lenses for everyday use, while Outdoor provides extra protection in highly reflective areas.

  • Tempels, side shields and headband

    For maximum comfort, you can easily switch between headbands and temples, and add opaque side shields, so that the child is protected in all environments and activities.

  • Bag and cleaning cloth

    Included in the package is a practical bag to carry the glasses in, in addition to a super cute SunnyBuddy microfiber cloth which will come in handy.

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Why two pair of sunglasses?

With two unique lenses for best protection in all environments.

  • Urban Everyday - Mokki Blueblock UV400

    The unique lenses are developed for daily use in areas with low to normal light reflection and are perfect in the kindergarten or to take with you on a daytrip. In addition to UV400, the BlueBlock lenses filter out 93% of blue light from the sun for extra comfort.

  • Active Outdoor - Mokki Polarized UV400

    The Polarized UV400 lenses provides extra comfort in highly reflective areas where the surfaces reflect the sun, such as water, sand or snow. Unnecessary use of polarized lenses is not recommended for underdeveloped retinas under the age of five.

kids with screen safe glasses

Click & Change Screensafe

Kids are spending more and more time in front of the screen. Screensafe reduces blue light by 99% and is treated with anti-reflection (AR) coating that eliminates light reflections on both sides of the glass. This can help prevent sleep disorders and headaches, among other things.

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Click & Change Accessory kit

Let the kids play with colors! The Mokki Click & Change system makes it super easy to adjust all parts of the glasses as desired and is compatible with all Click & Change products. This package is required for the Screensafe data glasses. Available for ages 0-5 and consists of 5 different colors; blue, green, orange, pink and black.

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